Our history

History and heritage

History lovers will undoubtedly appreciate our timeline, which gœs all the way back to 1674 when François Provost received a seigniory of approximately 23,000 acres. The timeline features milestones interspersed with fascinating facts, which show just how much history is packed into this scenic corner of the country.

The courthouse and the old jail

The Courthouse and Jail made L’Orignal a vital center during the development of Ontario. The Old Jail, built in 1825, is the oldest prison in Ontario and the second oldest in Canada, while the Courthouse is the oldest in Ontario still in operation for trials. When it closed in 1998, L’Orignal Jail was the only French-speaking prison in Ontario.

Retracing History

On foot, by bike or by car, taking the historical route allows you to discover the ancestral charm of L’Orignal as seen in magnificent heritage homes and other original buildings dating back to 1821.