Development opportunities

L’Orignal is located one hour from Ottawa, Montreal, Cornwall and even Mirabel Airport (the latter specializing in cargo). In addition to providing a strategic location for entrepreneurs, the region offers a predominantly bilingual workforce, a strong asset for effective communication with your clients.

Job search

Whether you are a long-term resident or newly relocated to the region, the Prescott-Russell Employment Service Centre guides workers in their job search. It offers a multitude of programs and services tailored to the needs and individual contexts of its clientele, such as employment counselling, youth and career change programs, the Job Succession Scholarship and more.

Looking to hire

When it comes to recruiting skilled workers, employers in L’Orignal can count on the support of the Prescott-Russell Employment Service Centre. Their services are free and take various forms, such as recruitment support, grants, employment incentives, international recruitment, the Job Succession Scholarship and more.